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Who is Selling Now?

Direct selling at Avon is all about you. You decide how much time and effort you want to invest in your business. Some Representatives sell Avon just to have extra money of their own. Others, such as Avon Sales Leadership Representatives, have built multi-million-dollar enterprises and earn six-figure incomes. “Success” is a relative term with a different meaning for each of Avon’s more than 6 million Representatives. The common denominator? The feeling of empowerment that comes from taking advantage of the Avon earnings opportunity.

Below are some of Avon’s Representatives from around the world. Read their stories. Begin your own Avon story.

Who is Selling Now?
Kam, Malaysia

Going the distance
Kam came to Avon as a direct-selling veteran.  She and her husband sold many products, riding a motorbike to deliver goods. With no childcare, they were forced to bring their daughter with them on the bike. Just making ends meet was an incredible challenge. Then, one day Kam  tried an Avon skincare product and was so impressed that she decided to become an Avon Representative. She travels extensively throughout Malaysia to sell Avon and recruit Sales Representatives. Sometimes that means long trips driving and then taking a ferry to a nearby island called Langkawi. Kam loves selling Avon and is a top Sales Leader, with 3,000 people on her Avon team.

Who is Selling Now?
Kym, United States

“Queen of ANEW”
Kym has been selling Avon for 17 years and is the self-proclaimed “Queen of ANEW.” Pregnant in 1995, she turned to Avon after realizing she wouldn’t be able to make ends meet with her waitressing job. Today, she owns her own house – already paid for - and speaks often of the financial freedom selling Avon has afforded her. “I don’t worry about how the bills will be taken care of because I know they will be … For me, Avon has been more than a lifeline; it has been my life.” With special connections to the company’s two main philanthropic causes – one family member successfully battled breast cancer, another escaped from an abusive husband – Kym is a passionate seller of the company’s pink-ribbon and empowerment products.

Who is Selling Now?
Irina, Romania

Going digital, going big
Irina of Bucharest calls Avon “my hobby, my family, my business.”  Irina started her Avon business as a way to earn extra money. It turns out she had a knack for selling and recruiting. Six years later, Irina, just in her early 20s, has a team of more than 600 people. She says running her Avon business has helped her develop and become more responsible. Irina adeptly uses the Internet to enhance her business. She’s active on online forums and blogs that mention Avon and regularly reads AvonSpaceblog, voted “Best Company Blog” in Romania. She also collects customers’ orders online.

Who is Selling Now?
Donna, United States

Doing more with Avon
Donna Reid-Mitchell started her Avon business in 2003 hoping to earn a little extra money to supplement her income working as a hairstylist. As a single mother living in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City, she grappled with how to earn a decent income and raise a family. Inspiration came from Donna's seven-year-old son; he told her she was "the best Avon Representative in the world" and encouraged her to do more with Avon. And "more" is what she did. In just eight months, Donna became a Senior Executive Unit Leader, the highest level in Avon's Sales Leadership program.  She traded her one-bedroom apartment for a big house in Texas. Donna is now responsible for $4 million in sales. She likes to tell the women on her team, "Change your dreams, and you can change your life." In her spare time, Donna works with cancer patients, giving them makeovers and advice on camouflaging the effects of chemotherapy.

Who is Selling Now?
Litsa, Greece

Mentoring her team
Litsa is one of the most successful leaders in Greece and has been instrumental in helping other Representatives expand their businesses. Litsa has been a Sales Leader since the Leadership program started in Greece. She's sold Avon since she was eighteen and lives on Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands.

Who is Selling Now?
Lihui, China

From arduous labor to a labor of love
Lihui grew up in the small village of Bao Ding in Hebei Province.  Raised by a single mother, she was forced to drop out of middle school so she could help support the family.  Lihui did arduous manual labor, worked as a babysitter and as a factory hand. She started selling Avon in 1995, quickly rising through the ranks of Avon's Sales Leadership program.  As her business blossomed, so, too, did her demeanor and attitude toward life. Lihui admits she was closed off and withdrawn as she struggled growing up. Now open, confident and talkative, this mother of a 14-year-old boy has not only created a new life for herself, but also for her family; she's bought two houses for her mother and generously supported her siblings.

Who is Selling Now?
Cristela, Venezuela

Extra money to "spoil her kids"
In addition to her role as a work inspector with the government, Cristela sells Avon part time. She uses the extra income she earns from her Avon business to “spoil her kids with special activities” and plans her budget around her bi-weekly paycheck. Like many Avon Representatives, Cristela was first an Avon customer. She loved the products and understood the potential of owning an Avon business. “What’s great about Avon is the variety of choices,” Cristela notes. “There is a product for everyone. After looking at the brochure, it's almost impossible for someone not to order something.”

Who is Selling Now?
Sonia, Spain

Close to a cause
Sonia lives in a village of 900 people in Salamanca, a western province of Spain. Married with two children, Sonia and her husband work in the potato distribution industry like many people in their village. Sonia has been selling Avon for seven years. A year into her Avon career, her sales grew so much she was named to the prestigious "Honors Circle." Sonia leverages the Internet and social media for her business, using Facebook and Tueniti, a popular social network in Spain, to reach customers. Sonia is actively involved in the company’s breast cancer fundraising activities and participates annually in Avon’s Walk in Madrid with more than 30 other Representatives.