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While Avon does not have the environmental footprint of a "brick and mortar" store, with more than 6 million independent Sales Representatives in more than 100 countries, Avon ships hundreds of thousands of products every day. Over the past decade, Avon has introduced efficient shipping practices to reduce the environmental impacts of distributing its products, often partnering with transportation and logistics partners to leverage the best options and expertise.

The production and consumption of fuels is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.  Where possible, Avon urges its supply chain partners to minimize consumption of fuel and to focus on sourcing fuel with the lowest environmental impacts and embedded carbon footprints.  By doing so, Avon increases fuel efficiency, decreases transport miles and related emissions, and reduces costs.

The company continues to evolve its service model to meet customers' needs and explore new ways to further reduce the environmental impacts of product distribution.

  • Regional distribution: All Avon orders are shipped from regional distribution centers to reduce the distance that products travel to reach customers. This includes the newly constructed LEED- certified (or equivalent) distribution centers in Zanesville, Ohio and Cabreuva, Brazil.
  • Improved shipping options: In the United States, Avon's distribution system flags small orders - those consisting of five or fewer small-sized items that have a specified cubic volume - and packs them into padded envelopes, which use less material and require less shipping space than cartons used for larger items.
  • Optimizing shipping logistics: Partnering with local shippers, Avon logistics teams, such as those in Brazil, have undertaken a comprehensive analysis of shipping routes, developed optimization plans and substantially reduced the mileage, fuel and time expended on shipments.

Avon distribution centers in Zanesville, Ohio (U.S.), Brazil and Colombia are all LEED Gold certified, reinforcing Avon's commitment to  sustainable distribution.

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