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Profiles of Success

Below are a few examples of successful Avon Sales Representatives around the world.  To read more contemporary profiles, click here, or read about "The Avon Lady Through the Years."

Building a Family Tradition


Los Banos, CA, USA

In 1991, having moved to California, Vondell started her Avon business with her husband, who was an engineer at the time with IBM. She approached her Avon business with incredible tenacity and discipline, setting goals, establishing a plan to achieve them, and raising the bar when those goals were met - all while building her downline (Sales team). Now, Avon is a family tradition. All three of Vondell’s children, and one of her grandsons, have launched their own Avon businesses. Vondell has continually earned a six-figure salary through her business and is a mentor and inspiration within Avon and her community.

Using Social Media to Open New Doors


Novi, MI, USA

Jo'El, mother of three, has battled Crohn's disease for more than 26 years. Although her disability prevented her from following the traditional door-to-door selling approach at Avon, a new door opened for her through the use of social media.  In 2009, Jo'El and her mom, already an Avon Representative, decided to pursue an Avon opportunity together, leveraging each other's strengths. Jo'El had a solid working knowledge of social media and her mom knew the Avon brand. This winning combination helped them connect with both existing and new customers. 

Due to her health condition, Jo'El chose to use Avon's online selling tools to become an Avon eRep. "As an Avon eRep, once I've made the initial delivery, people are more inclined to email, Facebook, or tweet me with their orders." This has helped Jo'El build a large and diverse customer base of more than 1,000+ customers with just the click of a button.

Reaching Unexpected Heights


Rio Grande Valley, TX, USA

After having her third child, Aurora was looking for an opportunity to earn extra money while maintaining a flexible schedule and started her Avon business in 1977. She sold door-to-door in her community and joined Avon's Leadership program, where she recruited, trained and mentored other Representatives. Her hard work and dedication helped her become the first Executive Unit Leader (Avon's second highest level of Leadership) in her district in 1995. Aurora continues to grow her business and has achieved Avon's top Leadership Level as a Senior Executive Unit Leader and is one of the most successful Leadership Representatives in the U.S.

Paying for College and More

Lisa "Angel"
Lisa "Angel"

Chula Vista, CA, USA

Lisa joined Avon in 2003 at age 18 with the goal of paying for her college education. Prior to Avon, Lisa had performed various part-time jobs and wanted to find an opportunity where she could maintain flexible hours that would accommodate her course schedule. Her boyfriend's mother was an Avon Representative and suggested Lisa try selling Avon. In just one year, Lisa achieved her goal of paying for her education, and has chosen to continue her Avon business. Lisa's favorite aspect of working with Avon is that she gets to create her own work schedule, take vacations when she wants and be her own boss.

Finding Her Strength through Avon


New Hampshire, USA

Lisa was 18 years old when she started her own part-time Avon business. Struggling to pay the bills and keep food on the table, Lisa moved from place to place, taking odd jobs which provided little financial compensation or self-fulfillment.  Lisa was laid off from her job in 1987 and, while unsure of her future, decided to turn misfortune into opportunity by investing more time and energy into growing her Avon business.

Working as a full-time independent Avon Representative, Lisa honed her skills and learned she had a knack for sales, selling $75,000 in product during her first year. Not only has Lisa's experience with Avon provided her with a stable source of income, but it has helped improve her self-esteem and confidence. She is often invited to share her story with Avon Representatives and other women to inspire them to reach their potential. This newfound financial freedom and confidence empowered Lisa to walk away from an unhealthy relationship, build a new house, adopt her daughter as a single parent, and publish three books. "I have always had to battle with my self-esteem. There was a time when I had none, but it's quite a boost when you get a check in the mail for $10,000 for two weeks," said Lisa. "It's very empowering to know that I have the knowledge and the ability to earn a lot of money. It has helped me in many different areas of my life."

Over the years, Lisa has sold $4 million in Avon products. Her financial goal is to reach $1 million in annual sales to show her daughter that anything is possible.

Financial Success and Friendships


Raszyn, Poland

Avon has been a part of Olivia's life for nearly 20 years. Her mother became one of the first Avon Representatives when the company expanded to Poland in 1992. Olivia chose to leverage her familiarity with the products and followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming an Avon Representative in 2006.

Olivia has achieved many sales levels, including membership in the "Avon Club" in Poland, and her friends have become interested in what influenced her and helped her to achieve these successes.  Olivia enjoys the friendships and connections she's made through Avon, and the opportunity to share the experience and professional knowledge she's gained from extensive Avon training.

Olivia's success with Avon has changed her outlook. "Avon inspires me to do things, and offers a philosophy for being a woman. In it, I find the essence of femininity, a way to live my life. To me, Avon means joy! Now I know that success in life is dependent only on me!"

Economic Independence and Confidence



Kyoung decided to start her Avon business because she was drawn to the direct-selling model, and recognized an opportunity to help build Avon's brand awareness in Korea. With the leadership opportunities and professional development Avon provided, Kyoung was able to develop her business and reach her personal financial goals. "This Avon business is especially meaningful and rewarding in that it shares beauty and confidence that can be obtained by any woman who uses the product, while at the same time promoting economic independence and recognition."

Her increased confidence empowered her to help others strive for success as well. "It is a great feeling to be able to help many other Korean women to attain economic independence."