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Empowered to Make an Impact

Unique to Avon is our woman-to-woman network of more than 6 million Avon Sales Representatives worldwide combined with our capacity to educate, engage and mobilize. These women don't just sell Avon products; they are also a veritable army for good - communicators, educators and fundraisers for the causes of breast cancer, domestic violence and deforestation.

In short, Avon's Sales Representatives make up a powerful grassroots movement that reaches across continents and time zones to raise awareness and funds for issues of health, safety and wellbeing that are important to women. Mobilizing Avon's Representatives is about leveraging Avon's strength to reach and engage people to take action in support of important causes.

For the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and Speak Out Against Domestic Violence programs, Sales Representatives have distributed millions of educational materials and raised hundreds of millions of dollars through sales of special products and personal participation in walks, runs and other events worldwide. For the Hello Green Tomorrow project, Avon Sales Representatives raised over $2 million in just two years to help restore endangered rain forests in Brazil and Indonesia.

Avon Sales Representatives have also responded quickly to national and international emergencies. Their passionate fundraising efforts, combined with corporate donations, have allowed Avon to respond rapidly and effectively to natural disasters and emergency events in countries around the world in which Avon has a significant presence.

In addition to raising funds for Avon's core mission areas of breast cancer, domestic violence and environmental causes, Sales Representatives in North America can also organize their own fund-raisers for local accredited nonprofit organizations in their communities. Special product promotions drive a portion of proceeds to the selected organization, extending the impact of Avon at the community level and providing the Sales Representative the opportunity to be a "local hero."

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