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Associate Engagement & Training

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Avon understands the importance of employee engagement as a driver of job satisfaction, retention and company success. The company works diligently to engage its more than 40,000 Associates around the world and provides avenues for feedback through its comprehensive global intranet, an Engagement Survey, education on core leadership behaviors and career paths, and events hosted by company leadership. At the individual level, Associates participate in mid-year and annual performance reviews, which focus on sharing career aspirations, outlining clear performance and development goals to support the aspirations, providing relevant feedback, and establishing action plans.

Global Intranet

Avon's extensive global intranet, supported by regular e-mail alerts, provides frequent updates and news about the company, industry and Associates around the world, with content submitted from all countries for inclusion. Materials submitted include reports on events and achievements, photos and videos featuring, and often made by, local Associates of every level. Some regions also publish print or online magazines to provide customized local content for Associates. In addition, the company uses e-mail regularly to communicate company information, ranging from financial performance to key new hires.


Leadership Events

Romania Distribution CenterAvon hosts events that connect senior management with Associates for the purposes of delivering updates on local and global news and eliciting Associate feedback. These events include quarterly "town hall" meetings, teleconferences and executive road shows. Senior management will also meet with their teams to communicate key information, such as the highlights of the annual World Wide Management Conference and quarterly public financial reports, and provide tools for them to effectively cascade information and ensure all associates have access to the same information. In 2011, Andrea Jung took a 16-city global "world tour" to mark the company's 125th anniversary.


Education and Training

In 2010, Avon launched new efforts to support career development defined by the seven leadership behaviors that drive success at Avon, creating a blueprint for Associates that is supported with broad-based training. A global Career Month program occurs in October and offers a variety of tools, including webinars, videos and live trainings to promote Career Principles, Development Planning, Avon's Opportunities, and Career Conversations.

More than 3,600 Associates took part in Career Month during October 2010, during which time they benefited from the involvement of more than 65 leaders who represent different regions and functions. Afterwards, 82 percent of Associates reported a better understanding of Avon's approach to career development. In 2011, regional versions of the program will be developed to provide additional focused training and development.

Avon also offers functional training based on global core curricula, with a special focus on the key commercial areas such as sales and marketing, to build a strong foundation for individual and company success.


Associate Engagement Survey

Avon conducts an Associate Engagement Survey, which is open to every Associate around the world. The confidential survey provides an opportunity for Associates to candidly share feedback about their experiences at Avon, which helps the company understand what is working well and identifies areas for improvement. Results are reported by country and by department, across markets, to give both geographic and functional insight. Senior leaders review survey results with their teams and develop and implement action plans, with quantifiable goals, to address matters that surface through the survey.

In 2010, 92 percent of Associates participated in the annual survey. The results indicated a one-point increase over 2009 scores, achieving a 72 percent engagement score among Avon Associates. An engagement score of 70 percent is considered extremely high-performing.