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Stakeholder Engagement

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Avon values the input of its stakeholders, from Sales Representatives, Associates and customers to advocacy groups, philanthropic partners and investors. For example, Avon integrates stakeholder feedback into business strategies and operations to foster improvement in the areas of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Avon's key stakeholder groups, and the steps the company takes to engage them, are outlined below:


To keep employees around the world engaged and informed, Avon offers Associates an active global intranet, regional newsletters and frequent e-mail communication, which provide the latest company news, spotlight achievements and update Associates on relevant matters. Avon undertakes an Engagement Survey, with changes in scores tracked by department and country, and action plans to address results, as appropriate. For more information on Associate Engagement & Training, click here.


Independent Sales Representatives

Woman on the computerAs the foundation of the company's business, Avon maintains frequent contact with independent Sales Representatives to gain feedback to help ensure that the Avon earnings opportunity meets their needs. The company provides independent Sales Representatives with tools and resources to develop and enhance their Avon businesses, including regular emails, a weekly electronic update, a Facebook page, and dedicated Customer Service email and phone lines. Throughout the business, focus is on the "Representative Value Proposition" – the quality of the Sales Representative experience – and key to this is an ongoing dialogue and understanding of the changing needs of the Sales Representatives.  For more information on Avon's effort to Empower Women, click here.



Avon has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and provides numerous options for contacting the company about products or other experiences. Since Avon is a direct-selling company, consumers often provide feedback through their Sales Representatives, who in turn share feedback with Avon's management. Online shoppers frequently use the local avon.com e-commerce site to provide feedback, while other customers contact the Avon telephone customer call center through toll-free numbers (such as 800-445-2866 or 800-FOR-AVON in the U.S.) as well as an email address (dearavon@avon.com in the U.S.). These contact points are printed on product packaging and made available on the company's websites and other portals.

New to Customer Care is an online "matching" system that will locate a new Sales Representative to serve Customers when the current Sales Representative leaves Avon. This program enables seamless transition for the customer and supports the business of other Sales Representatives in the area.

Avon's standard for customer care requires that all inquiries receive a timely response and that feedback is shared with the appropriate Associates so they are able to track and respond to issues and/or recommendations.



Avon believes that strong shareholder communications are a key part of the corporate governance process and maintains an open line of communication with its shareholders and prospective investors. For example, Avon hosts quarterly conference calls and webcasts coincident with its quarterly/annual earnings announcements. Avon also regularly participates in, or hosts its own, conferences and meetings with the investment community. We strive to:

  • Have ongoing dialogue with shareholders
  • Stay current on leading governance trends and understand shareholder views
  • Identify shareholder priorities
  • Be responsive to shareholder inquiries
  • Work to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution with respect to shareholder proposals, as appropriate

Shareholders may contact the company via e-mail (investor relations and individual investor) or telephone (212-282-5320 and 212-282-5623). Additional information is provided on Avon's corporate website, here.


Non-Profit and Advocacy Groups

Avon is committed to open dialogue with external organizations and advocacy groups on key relevant matters. Responses to requests from advocacy organizations are typically addressed either by Avon's corporate management or management in the local country, or through trade organizations such as the Direct Selling Association or the Personal Care Products Council for topics relevant to the industry as a whole.

Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women have engaged in dialogue with a broad range of groups representing health, environmental and other relevant matters, such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and Forest Ethics and Breast Cancer Action. Recently, Avon worked with environmental organizations, including The Nature Conservancy, to develop its Hello Green Tomorrow program; with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and many other environmental groups to formulate the Avon Paper Promise; and with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and GreenPalm to help craft the Avon Palm Oil Promise. Avon is also a participant in groups such as the WWF Global Forest and Trade Network, WWF's initiative to drive improvements in the world's most valuable and threatened forests, in order to work with the groups as well as other like-minded companies to address common causes.