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Materiality: Key Impact, Risks & Opportunities

To determine the most material topics for its 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report, Avon reviewed the items covered in its previous Corporate Responsibility reports to see which ones were still relevant to the company and its stakeholders. Avon also gathered input from various internal and external sources, which is a continual process, and then identified and prioritized its most material topics in 2010. The sources used in this process included:

  • Internal documents and plans that articulated the company's business objectives and strategies, policies, programs and risk factors
  • Communications prepared by the company for external release
  • Feedback and insights from Associates, Sales Representatives and customers
  • Shareholder communications
  • Traditional media coverage
  • Online and social media outlets
  • Industry trade groups
  • Trending and emerging issues of relevance
  • Stakeholder engagement

After reviewing these sources, Avon compiled a matrix of items and prioritized each one based on the following criteria:

  • The importance of the topic to and potential impact on
    • the planet and people
    • the company
    • Avon's stakeholders
  • The amount of reasonable control Avon has over a particular matter or action