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Associate Resource Groups

Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) are voluntary groups, led by Associates and sanctioned by the company. Avon’s ARGs are change agents for greater engagement, business improvement, and talent development across the organization. They have proven to be an important business resource to the company and serve as a collective influence for organizational change and leadership development. Avon's first ARG, then called an employee network, was launched in 1971, when the "Concerned Women of Avon" approached senior management to discuss representation and advancement.

Currently, Avon has four Associate Resource Groups in the US: the Asian Network, Black Professionals Association (BPA), AHORA Latino Network and the PRIDE LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Network. The Global Inclusion Office, which manages the ARGs, is actively working to expand the networks and locations of the groups to other Avon geographies.

The ARGs’ plans and goals are aligned with both Avon's overall global inclusion strategy and the company’s broader business goals to ensure both the company and participants gain the greatest benefit and opportunities from their efforts. These groups partner with leadership teams to identify opportunities that positively impact the business and the engagement of employees.

Avon’s ARG goals include four areas of focus:

  • Marketplace: Providing insights and support on growing multicultural market segments, product development and design
  • Workplace: Creating opportunities to engage Avon Associates and enhance the work environment
  • Talent: Providing professional and personal growth opportunities for Associates
  • Community: Enhancing our brand, promoting societal trust, and increasing Associate morale by giving back to the communities we serve.

New this year, the ARGs have begun offering a series of jointly sponsored “All-4-One" projects aimed at leveraging the united power of the groups. The first projects include an ARG awareness campaign to broadly share the value of membership, a Speaker Series, which brings in external thought leaders for dialogue with Associates on topics of major interest, and a number of valuable skill-building and leadership development workshops.