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Supporting Our People

Associate Culture Survey

Avon conducts a confidential culture survey, giving Associates an opportunity to candidly share feedback about their experiences at Avon. The survey is designed to help measure key aspects of our culture, understand what is working well, identify areas for improvement, and measure engagement.

Results are reported by country and by department across markets to give both geographic and functional insight. Senior leaders reviewed survey results with their teams and developed and implemented action plans to address matters that surfaced through the survey.

We will continue to conduct the survey bi-annually, with midterm surveys in interim years of a random sampling of Associates on select questions to assess how we are progressing on key elements of our culture.

Training and Development

Avon offers functional training based on global core curricula—with a special focus on key commercial areas, such as sales and marketing—to build a strong foundation for individual and company success, and to ensure our Associates are meeting the demands of the changing labor market.

At the individual level, Associates participate in mid-year and annual performance reviews that focus on sharing career aspirations, outlining performance and development goals, providing relevant feedback, and establishing action plans.

We offer training initiatives to Associates in North America and EMEA that focus on necessary skills that affect the business. Trainings such as an “Immersion” series of workshops and webinars on the fundamentals of the Avon business educate Associates on direct selling, commercial marketing, supply chain and finance basics. We also provide global trainings to develop core skill sets, offered to all Associates in the regions where we operate.

We also provide tuition reimbursement to Associates who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a job-related field or in a field that has been approved by the Associate’s manager and human resources.

Leadership/Associate Engagement and Events

We host events that connect senior management with Associates for the purposes of delivering updates on local and global news, eliciting Associate feedback and facilitating cross-functional dialogue. These events include quarterly "town hall" meetings held by functional and regional leaders and an annual global town hall with Avon CEO Sheri McCoy. McCoy and other members of the Executive Committee convene select groups of Associates across all levels for “Chats” and “Stand-up Meetings” during market visits to gain insights firsthand from Associates.

Avon has a global Intranet site that is available to all Associates, as well as market Intranet sites with information relevant to local Associates, including written and video messages from senior leaders.

Health & Safety

Avon is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for Associates, contract employees and visitors.

As a global company, we work to ensure all of our sites meet regulatory safety standards. However, these regulations can vary by region and country. We have established stringent internal safety requirements to address these differences and ensure consistency in safety processes across our global operations.

The foundation of our health and safety programs at individual sites is ensured through compliance with local regulations, and by conducting risk assessments of tasks performed; developing safe operating procedures; and providing new hire safety orientations, job training, and training for specific topics, such as ergonomics, electrical and chemical safety, among others.

Avon has established measures to consistently capture and report workplace accident information across global manufacturing plants and distribution centers. We use this data to publish quarterly global safety reports, allowing leadership to recognize excellent performance and identify areas for improvement.

Avon sites are evaluated on four Global Safety key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Avon Recordable Cases (ARC) is the number of incidents that are considered to be serious enough to be recorded, including lost time plus medical treatment beyond first-aid.
  • Site Safety Programs Review (SSPR) is a self-assessment safety review and sites are measured across four key categories: Involvement in Safety; Assessment and Training; Specific Safety Programs and General Safety Programs.
  • Safety Opportunity Reports (SORs) are voluntarily submitted by Associates to report unsafe conditions or actions, share ideas for improvement and record near-miss incidents.
  • Safety Actions Completion (SAC) metrics track the number of safety action items completed by the defined due date.

Based on the results of all four Global Safety KPIs, Avon sites are given one overall safety performance score, referred to as the Overall Safety Index (OSI).

Read more about our safety performance in our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report.


To recruit and retain a competitive talent pool, Avon provides comprehensive benefits and compensation packages for our Associates around the world. We offer varied benefits packages in countries worldwide according to the standards and expectations of each market.

Benefits currently offered to full-time Associates in the United States include:

  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Disability benefits
  • Flexible spending accounts/health reimbursement accounts
  • Employee assistance program, including health and wellness and work/life balance resources
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Paid time off
  • Product discounts
  • Transit incentive programs
  • Tuition assistance
  • Parental and adoption leave
  • Subsidized emergency back-up child care
  • Elder care support through a referral program
  • Retirement plans, including a 401(k) plan
  • Retirement healthcare benefits
  • Equivalency in spousal and partner benefits
  • Telecommuting program
  • Phase back to work program

As the world’s largest corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause, Avon provides full support for its Associates’ breast health, including 100 percent coverage of mammograms, breast sonograms, office visits, hospital fees for surgical treatment, and chemotherapy.

Read more about how Avon is supporting its people in our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report.