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Public Policy Engagement

Avon's Code of Conduct prohibits political contributions by or on behalf of the company without prior approval through our Ethics & Compliance office.

Avon may advocate our positions on matters that relate to our business, such as direct-selling legislation that may affect the ability of independent Avon Sales Representatives (“Representatives”) to run their businesses, including independent contractor status, taxes, licensing, and registration requirements. We also engage on matters that may have an impact on the sale or formulation of beauty and fashion and home products.

For example, Avon has lobbied with its trade association to protect the nation’s waters and environment from certain ingredients, such as microbeads. Avon supported U.S. federal legislation signed into law in 2015 that phases out the use of plastic microbeads in personal care products and over-the-counter drugs. Avon has committed to no longer using synthetic plastic microbeads as exfoliants and cleansing agents in the development of new rinse-off products such as face and body washes.

We are a member of various trade associations that provide information and assistance to governing bodies or interested parties on items of importance to the company. Each year, we disclose on our website the recipients and portion of Avon dues or payments used for political contributions and expenditures by U.S. trade associations and tax-exempt groups of which we are a member that receive such dues or payments from us in excess of $100,000 per year. 

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