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Avon Products, Inc. and Consumer Safety: Jewelry & Cadmium

Avon Products, Inc. jewelry is safe and consumers can wear it with confidence. In recent years claims have been circulated expressing concerns about the safety of cadmium in children's jewelry made in China. In 2009, before cadmium was regulated within the jewelry industry, Avon was proactive in developing a voluntary standard we believe offers protection to both children and adults

Cadmium is a natural element in the earth's crust that is usually found as a mineral combined with other elements. All soils and rocks contain some cadmium. Cadmium does not corrode easily and has many uses, including batteries, pigments, metal coatings, and plastics. Low levels are found in all foods.

The standard Avon set for cadmium is 70 to 98% less than other jewelry that was reported available for retail purchase at the time we took action. Avon chose this level based on testing jewelry items through a method used to evaluate coatings by the toy industry, which did have regulations for cadmium. The results yielded a level in Avon jewelry nearly 50% below the standard allowed for toys.

Every Avon jewelry product is evaluated for cadmium, and no product is permitted to go into production unless it meets our standards. For 130 years, Avon has offered consumers products that are effective and safe. We are continually evaluating our safety requirements and will continue to partner with the industry and our government to do what's best and safest for our valued customers.

Consumers can be assured that any cosmetic, personal care or fragrance product that carries the Avon name has undergone thorough safety evaluation and can be used with the utmost confidence.

Product ingredient information can be found at http://cosmeticsinfo.org/

For inquiries about the safety of Avon products, please contact avoncr@avon.com