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Timeline of innovations

Avon has been at the forefront of beauty for over 130 years. With numerous skincare breakthroughs and make-up innovations, all at affordable prices, Avon paved the way for beauty as we know it today. Here are just a few of Avon’s most acclaimed innovations.

  • 1947- Hybrid Sunscreen (Avon’s Sun Lotion with Insect Repellent)

    Avon’s Sun Lotion with Insect Repellent was a must for balmy beach and poolside days. Providing protection against ultraviolet rays while simultaneously warding off insects made this a winning combination for sun-seekers.

  • 1961 – Skin-so-soft

    In 1961, Avon launched the Original Skin So Soft Bath oil, designed to soften skin’s natural oils. Today, the popular line includes a variety of body lotions, shower gels, washes, and seasonal creams. An estimated 40-million bottles have been sold since it was launched.

  • 1970 – Avon clear skin

    During the 1970s Women’s Liberation Movement, many women adopted the less-is-more makeup philosophy — in turn, propelling clear skin into the spotlight. Enter Avon’s Clear Skin, designed to fight all phases of the acne cycle.

  • 1986 – Stabilised Retinol

    While the makeup industry in the mid-1980’s was buzzing with bold and bright trends, Avon’s Research and Development team was busy creating breakthrough products that would change skincare forever. In 1986, Avon became the first to use stabilised retinol, an anti-ageing ingredient, in its patented BioAdvance Beauty Recovery System.

  • 1990 – Alpha Hydroxl acid technology (Anew Skincare)

    In 1990, Avon was the first to bring alpha hydroxyl acid technology to the mass market with its launch of the ANEW skincare line. AHAs are renowned for their exfoliating properties and smoothing out your skin's texture. The breakthrough products included Perfecting Complex for Face Cream, which intended to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 1992 – Anew Perfecting Complex

    Following the Alpha Hydroxl Acid Technology, the first Anew skincare product was introduced in 1992. With most mass-market cosmetic companies using only 2% AHA's. AVON broke ground with the Anew Perfecting Complex for the fact, which contains 4% glcolic acid(an AHA made from sugar cane).

  • 1996 – Stabilised Vitamin C

    Although Vitiman C's produces firm skin cells and defence against free radicals, it oxidises very quickly when exposed to air and becomes unstable. Once it becomes unstable, it can no longer carry out its beauty benefits, in turn allowing free-radical damange. 1996 was the year Avon included stabilished Vitiman C in their serums, which helped to prevent discoloration by slowing the product of pigment-producing cells and stimulating collagen.

  • 2005 – Dimensional lift

    Included in Avon’s trademark Anew Clinical Eye Lift, the Dimensional Lift technology works to lift skin vertically and tighten horiztontally. This innovation targets visible signs of sagging and a lift that tightens, defines, firms and contours the look of skin.

  • 2005 – Derma-Refine Technology

    Working hand-in-hand with Dimensional lift technology, Derma-Refine Technology stimulates the under eye area helping to rid the sensitive skin of dark cirlces and fine lines. The nutrient-rich formula accelerates the cellular metabolis, which over time means the skin under the eyes are moving in the opposite direction as aging skin.

  • 2006 – Dry Enamel Polish

    in 2006, Avon intrdocued a quick-dry polish that use higher levels of solvents that meant the evaporation rate increases, thus reducing your dry time.

  • 2008 – Pro-to-go Lipstick

    In 2008, Avon launched the Pro-to-go Lipstick that is a highly-pigmented formula that also contains SPF 15. The interesting concept was the way the lipstick was encased. Instead of turning the lipstick in a screw-like methord you slide the side of the lipstick and glide it upwards.

  • 2009 – Injectable Grade Hyaluronic Acid

    Even with the harsh economic times occuring in 2009, women were still looking to invest in dermatologist treatments. Avon recognized women were looking to get results while saving money, and introduced the first-ever injectable grade tropical Hyaluronic Acid treatment (Avon ANEW Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling Serum). Women were able to receive the same plumping and filling benefits that an in-office Hyaluronic Acid Injection provides without the pain and at a fraction of the price. This is a beauty Industry first!

  • 2010 – Anti-frizz technology

    This anti-frizz treatment was included in all haircare products to repel water and keep hair smooth for at least a couple of days. Formulated to instantly minimize volume and help control frizz. Contains a blend of conditioners to help smooth and protect hair's cuticle. Instantly provides up to 100% shinier hair, while leaving hair sleek and soft.

  • 2011 – Youthgen Technology

    Avon scientists were inspired by genetic research, which revealed that those who live longer have a highly active youth gene. Avon partnered with these researchers and discovered that the same Youth Gene that keeps the body healthy, helps keep skin cells acting younger, and as we age, its activity declines in skin. Using this knowledge they developed ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate, with patented YouthGenTM Technology, a skincare breakthrough serum that helps you look up to 10 years younger.

  • 2012 – Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment (AF-33)

    Moving away from AHAs previously seen in Anew skincare, the Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment contains Amino-Fill 33 (AF-33) that work to neutralise collagen blocking proteins and help boost collagen production in just 3 days. The look of deep wrinkles begin to fade in just one week.

  • 2012 – True Colour Foundation (Colour IQ Technology)

    Avon embarked on one of the largest studies in our history to truly capture skin diversity. We studied the skin tones of 1,000 women, across 60 different ethnicities, who found that their foundations were not ‘colour true’. By taking 5,000 skin tone measurements, we found there are 15 distinct groupings of skin tone and, most importantly, two customers can have the same depth of skin tone but with a different undertone of redness and yellowness. We took a 3D scan and also noticed the colour blue, which hadn’t been used in foundation before. By adding blue pigment we expanded the shade palette and created a foundation that was closer to natural skin colour than ever before.

  • 2013 – Multidirectional Applicator – mascara

    Mega Effects helped to change the course of mascara history. Avon transformed the humble mascara brush in to a patented “wonderbrush” with a unique paintbrush design that allows mascara to be applied vertically instead of horizontally.

  • 2015 – Advanced Boost Technology

    Avon launched Anew Essential Youth Maximising Serum to ‘unlock’ skin’s receptivity to anti-ageing treatments. Through the use of Avon’s first to market and patent-pending Advanced Boost Complex, the serum helped to boost dynein, a crucial transporter protein in ageing cells. This helps to reactivate the cells, restoring them to a more youthful state and enabling skin to work harder and more effectively. The Advanced Boost technology provides a 71% boost to the level of dynein proteins to help ensure critical nutrients are delivered efficiently where they are needed most.

  • 2017 – Rotational Technology

    Avon theorized that, when applying rotational technology to anti-ageing, we could overcome the plateauing effect. To validate this theory, we carried out extensive experimentation our state-of-the-art Cell Biology lab. Results showed that continued exposure to anti-ageing ingredients lead to a slowdown in the production of collagen. The team of scientists then created a prescriptive rotational approach that delivers the appropriate combination and level of anti-aging ingredients for the appropriate amount of time to overcome the plateauing effect.

  • 2017 – Duet Fragrance

    A dual-ended perfume bottle of 2 complementary scents, wear separately or layer together to create a blend that’s unique to you. The two scents are called Radiant and Sensual. Radiant is the gold side and sensual is the purple side.