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Meet Avon’s Expert Beauty Innovators

We are proud of our Expert Beauty Innovators, each a world-class scientist, engineer or beauty specialist. With many of the world’s most sought-after names in science, skincare, make-up, and fragrance, our finest innovators ensure Avon is at the forefront of beauty.

They are part of a team of hundreds of beauty experts working at our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre at Suffern, in upstate New York. Specialising in creating industry-leading products, they keep Avon innovative, disruptive and competitive in the challenging world of beauty.   



Group Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer
In her nearly 30-year career in the beauty and consumer goods industry, Louise has worked on some of the world’s most successful brands and cutting-edge innovation. Louise is passionate about delivering products that meet consumer needs and desires.


Director Global Skin Care Product Development and Trend Innovation Research & Development
With 20 years of experience at Avon, Anthony’s vast knowledge base is key to our skincare advances. During his time at Avon, he’s received multiple industry accolades and delivered nine patents, whilst creating innovative concepts that can be applied directly to product development.


Global Vice President Product and Process Development, Consumer Product Design, Strategic Brands and Operational Services, Research & Development
Lisa’s 24-year Avon career means she’s a leading innovation expert for all beauty categories. Her pioneering, insightful approach, coupled with her scientific acumen, has led to the development of some of Avon’s most successful and exciting products.


Executive Director and Global Colour Category Product Development Lead
Glen has a PhD in Organic Chemistry, and in his 22 plus years with the company, he’s worked on many of our most innovative and successful products. He’s been awarded several impressive accolades and delivered seven patents.

Q&A with Glen Anderson


Head of Body & Toiletries Development
With over 15 years at Avon, Andrea is passionate about creating products that customers love and use every day. As the first chemist on the Planet Spa brand, Andrea continually creates unique products that not only deliver what the consumer needs, but delight her as well.


Senior Manager, Clinical Efficacy and Sensory Evaluation
An expert in clinical efficacy, Lisa makes sure Avon products do what we say they can do. With over 15 years of experience at Avon, her extensive background in clinical efficacy ensures that every product is rigorously tested to deliver the best results.


Executive Director and Global Skincare Category Product Development Lead
Paul heads up a leading team of talented scientists and engineers responsible for developing new skincare and personal care product. Joining Avon in early 2016, be brought over 20 years’ experience in consumer product research and development with him.


Director and Global Fragrance Category Product Development & Creative Fragrance Lead
Christy is responsible for the development of Avon’s fragrance products and olfactive strategies. She’s been with Avon for over 14 years and has played a significant part in shaping and pushing the quality and image perception of Avon fragrances.




Director, Consumer Product Design
As a 3rd generation self-proclaimed beauty junkie, Amy has a natural love of beauty, enhanced by her 16 years at Avon. Amy is charged with bringing trends and consumer insights to life by designing products that women need, want, and are delighted by.


Executive Director, Consumer Insights, Innovation & Product Research
Sharon ensures that great products are developed to meet the needs of women all over the world. She joined Avon 7 years ago, with 20+ years of Consumer Research experience and a great understanding of the importance of carefully listening to, and trialling products with women, to ensure they meet their needs and desires.




Executive Director New Technology
Bill has been at the helm of the New Technology team and is a key driving force behind growth opportunities for two years. His role involves connecting science and technology to consumer insights, ensuring the right products are launched to delight consumers all over the world.




Vice President, Worldwide New Product Engineering & Development & Research & Development Commercialisation
Josie is at the very heart of innovation at Avon. In her 14 years with the company, she’s championed investment in our state-of-the-art 3D prototyping technologies. She has the CAD and industrial engineering skills to develop innovative and beautiful new packages that are efficient to manufacture.




Chief Product Integrity & Regulatory Affairs Officer
Steve looks after the policies and procedures that govern product safety and regulatory compliance. Essentially, he helps us to ensure that customers can buy Avon products secure in the knowledge that they’ve undergone thorough safety and regulatory compliance checks and can be used with the absolute confidence.