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Ethics & Compliance

Ethics and compliance are core priorities at Avon, and the company's Board of Directors and senior management team continually support the company's Global Ethics & Compliance Program.

The Compliance Committee, which includes senior management, has a responsibility to ensure the effectiveness of the Global Ethics & Compliance program. The committee is continually focused on ensuring a risk-based approach to program enhancements, including-through oversight of policies and procedures designed to ensure that Associates comply with the law, Avon's Code of Conduct (the "Code") and other policies. The Compliance Committee operates in accordance with a written charter, approved by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. Please see Corporate Governance for further information.

In 2010, the company also established the Global Ethics & Compliance Council, with a Vice President-level nominee from each executive committee member. The Council is a visible, company-wide and multi-functional committee that helps drive the "Tone in the Middle." Each Council member supports his or her business unit's or function's commitment to further embed the program into our day-to-day operations.