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Code of Conduct

Avon's comprehensive Code of Conduct (the "Code") describes certain Avon policies and practices, which are intended to promote ethical and lawful behavior and proper conduct. The Code also provides information about how to appropriately ask questions and report instances of possible noncompliance.

Avon has translated the Code into 10 languages and made it accessible to all Associates. The company also conducts an annual survey that asks specific questions regarding compliance with the Code and requires certification of compliance with the Code.

All Avon Associates are required to report ethics and compliance violations. Options for reporting include speaking with their managers or a member of the Compliance Committee and/or reporting violations, anonymously if they choose, directly via email or the Avon Integrity Helpline. The appropriate investigation will be undertaken and, under the Code, any Associate who commits a violation will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Associates who are aware of a violation but do not report it are also held accountable.

Avon does not tolerate any retaliation whatsoever by a director, officer, or other Associate, or by any outside vendor or contractor, against anyone who has reported an incident or suspected incident.