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Avon Company code of business

Code of Business Conduct

Avon's Board of Directors has approved a comprehensive Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, amended in February 2008, which addresses the standards that must guide the actions of each Avon Associate in his or her relationships with Avon Representatives, shareholders, vendors, governments and communities as well as with other Avon Associates. The Code enhances, formalizes and consolidates in one document many of the company's existing policies and practices relating to the conduct of business, and is intended to further promote lawful and ethical conduct by Avon Associates and to deter improper conduct. The Code applies to each member of Avon’s Board and management, and to every Avon Associate around the world.

To view, download or print Avon's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, click on the PDF link below:

Avon's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (PDF)